A life well-lived is worth remembering... Because we all need to be remembered.

Our Heritage

Jackson's Funeral Homes has used "A Life Well Lived is Worth Remembering" as a motto, but to the Jackson family who still own and operate the business, it's more than just a saying.

The life of their business is worth remembering, because it has been well-lived in serving the families of four communities.

The Jackson family roots date back to the 1900s, when Alvis Jackson settled near the Johnstown community. There, he met and married Miss Cora Vern Sink. Mr. Alvis' early years were spent as an educator and public officeholder. Mrs. Vern reared seven children while teaching school full time. He began working for the Newport Farmers Union Funeral Home in 1943. Mr. Alvis and his son, Bob, purchased the organization in 1946, whereupon it became
Jackson's Newport Funeral Home. Since its purchase in 1946, the Jackson's Funeral Home family has never stopped growing.

In 1958, the Jackson family moved the funeral home and insurance offices to the 1900 block of Malcolm Avenue in Newport. The facility was acclaimed one of the most beautiful in Arkansas. The Newport location was completely remodeled with its last renovation in 1991 being the addition of a beautiful arched walkway connecting the funeral home and
offices, a warehouse addition and the E. Bob Jackson Memorial Museum of Funeral Service.
Again, Jackson's Newport Funeral Home. has been acclaimed one of |the most beautiful facilities in Arkansas.

The acquisition of the Griffin Funeral Home and Burial Association in Harrisburg was a growth
step completed in 1952.

Negotiations for the purchase of the Mayhan Funeral Home and Burial Association of Newark
were completed in 1966. Merging this long-established operation into the Jackson family business added not only to the long-term stability of the company for its loyal patrons, but provided the Jackson's with the opportunity to serve their friends in Independence


Thompson-Wilson Funeral Homes in Wynne and McCrory, joined the Jackson's family.

The first two generations of Jacksons - Mr. Alvis, Mrs. Vern and Bob - worked side by side
from 1946 until Mrs. Vern suffered a stroke. Mr. Alvis died in July l9l4 and Mrs. Vern died in April1993. Bob's wife, Joyce, had also been a mainstay of the family operation. After an eight-year courtship, the two married in 1961.The couple worked together serving
the families of Jackson, Poinsett, Independence and White
counties. They shared a great love of the people they served and often commented that they  were blessed because the people they worked with were also their friends.

Once again, the family tradition of working together continued into the 1970s, when son, Jerry L. Hulett, completed mortuary school and again in the 1980s when they were joined by daughter, Jan Jackson Maris, son-in-law Rhett C. Maris and daughter-in-law
Diane Hulett. These two generations worked together until Bob's
death in July 1996. Joyce continued to advise and guide the family operation until her death in
family. They still faithfully follow the clear vision held by Alvis, Vern, Bob and Joyce. No matter
how much the Jackson's Funeral Home operation has grown, how many facilities are added or what new generations join the business, they have never lost sight of the key principle of providing strength and stability that familes need at their most difficult time.
"That philosophy has never changed. Our highest priority is placed on handling each and every
detail during this time of great sorrow, so that you and your family may focus on a lifetime of fond memories."

The Jackson family, as well as the entire Jackson's Funeral Home family, are committed to continuing the traditions begun by their parents and grandparents more
than six decades ago.

"We promise to continue the sound practice of providing unwavering compassion to all."

1900 Block Malcolm Avenue | Newport, AR 72112 | Phone: (870) 523-5822 | Fax: 870-523-4640 | Email: jmaris@jacksonsfh.com, kraibley@jacksonsfh.com
103 West Jackson Street | Harrisburg, AR 72432 | Phone: 870-578-2452 | Fax: 870-578-3360 | Email: jmaris@jacksonsfh.com
Third and Locust Streets | Newark, AR 72562 | Phone: 870-799-3201 | Fax: 870-523-4640 | Email: jmaris@jacksonsfh.com